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Integrated Multimedia
We are a full-service visual communications firm with expertise in print collateral, graphics design, video production, Internet development, advertising promotions, marketing programs, and trade show exhibits—with over 20 years of integrating them into a coordinated message.

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Webster's defines transformation as "the thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance." Our tagline, "Ideas That Transform," refers to how we combine compelling design, a strong marketing strategy, and very innovative communications technologies to change the impact of your corporate message from just ordinary to extraordinary.

This is why we have chosen to use the "Metamorphosis II" lithograph by M.C. Escher for our corporate image. It shows how something can change from one form to another in a fluent and evolving way.

We craft your marketing message in the same way—transforming it from commonplace to influential.

Partial Listing
The following companies show the broad range of industries we have been associated with.

Internet Marketing
We now have a division that is specifically focused on helping small businesses get 'noticed' online—giving them thesame exposure that large corporations have. We do this using many different 'technologies': SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for getting a business' web site listed in the "organic" search results; the Z-Linked 'platform' geo-targets a business' advertising by listing them on the 'first page' of the major search engines in their local markets; iZigg 'system' for mobile marketing using the 90210 shortcode.

For all the details, click on the logo below to be taken to our Internet Marketing web site:

Add IMPACT! logo

The integration of these technologies can increase your business' exposure, build your 'brand' on the Internet, provide qualified traffic to your web site, diversify your current advertising plan, and support your local economy—all at a cost less than a small ad in a newspaper or the 'Yellow Pages'.


Corporate History
We were established in 1990 as a Value-Added Reseller of computer graphics systems for pre-press, imaging, video, and presentations. Since we had a staff of art directors to provide personalized training for our systems, we also offered our customers production services on an as-needed basis.

Transition to production services
As graphics systems became less complicated, we shifted our focus to the integration of the various media. In the mid 90's, we were a core member of a 'virtual corporation' called "3517"—an alliance of specialists resulting in an organization that combined the best of traditional techniques with the most appropriate new technology to produce superior creative. In the late 90's, we added trade show displays to our capabilities—to become truly multimedia.

Foundational convictions
Our success lies directly in the expertise and professionalism of its people, and the quality of the products and services we provide. The "IMPACT" portion of our name emphasizes this, since it is an acronym for: Innovate continually; Manage by consent; People 'are' the company; All will share in our success; Customers are why we are in business; Teamwork is essential.

Changing Our Corporate Image
In July 2008 we decided to ‘walk our talk’ by totally transforming our corporate image. Our previous slogan, "Hot Designs and Cool Displays," was accurate at the end of the 90's, but no longer depicted our integrated multimedia approach. Our new tagline, "Ideas That Transform," more accurately represents our expertise. Visually, we also wanted to update the look of our logo, and accentuate the 'eye' symbolism.

Visual IMPACT! logo transformation

Corporate Graphic
The customized '40 Ford did an excellent job in communicating "hot designs," though we didn't think it would be a good idea to 'transform' it into a ZO6 Corvette for our new image graphic—we wanted more of a 'philosophy' that would depict how we can make a significant change by making small incremental modifications. The transforming "tessellations" that artist M.C. Escher developed into a 'science' was exactly what we were looking for—just like how we combine a strong strategy with compelling design to change a marketing message from commonplace to influential.

Visual IMPACT! corporate image change

We hope you enjoy your 'stay' here taking a look at what we have done, and to determine if our capabilities match your needs. Since we truly desire to be of service to all, if you don't find we can fulfill your need, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to refer you to those who can.

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