This is a REAL product...not just a piece of paper!

It promotes and evaluates
It is reusable
It is adaptable
It is not made from tree






...a brand new, unique,
multi-functional marketing concept









  • Just A Token is a multi-purpose, environmentally-friendly, reusable promotional item. It combines the features of a redemption coupon or gift certificate with the advertising features of logo merchandise
  • Just A Token is reusable, adaptable, unique, brand-new, and permanent

It looks like a gaming token, and feels like money...
The look, feel, and weight of Just A Token make it a constant reminder of its source as well as its value. It will never be confused with any paper coupon offered by your competitors.

It advertises, promotes, evaluates
It is reusable and adaptable
It is not manufactured from tree products



  • Coupons can never be re-used or re-assigned. For each promotion, you must re-design, re-print, and re-purchase them. They are a single-use, disposable item---over-produced and under-utilized
  • Unlike a coupon, Just A Token is unlikely to end up in the trash can. It will not be overlooked in mass mailings, and it is not produced by tree products
  • Just A Token is nothing like a coupon!

It is a real, tangible, durable product---it is logo merchandise which is small enough to carry in your pocket, cool enough to show to your friends, give as a gift, or even collect---and it's environmentally friendly.



  • Regulations prohibit use of casino "currency," i.e. its gaming tokens outside of its own venue
  • Just A Token's unique diameter and thickness means it will not fit into any existing slot machine
  • It is even less a gaming token than actual government currency, which is accepted into slot machines

However, because each Just A Token is etched with its own unique identifying number, it satisfies control, inventory and regulatory requirements, and facilitates distribution and redemption.

It's "Just A Token"...or is it?

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Its look, feel, and weight make it a constant reminder of its source and value. It will never be confused with any coupon offered by your competitor.




Just A Token brings customers through
your door, instead of through the door of
"the guy next door"